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The Management Team

Lin W. Lan - Founder
Ms. Lan is the founder and sole shareholder of PPIG and has served as president, chief executive officer and chairman since its formation in 1987. Ms. Lan has spent 30 years in the insurance industry and has earned the C.P.C.U. designation.
Robert Lan - President
As President, Mr. Lan has full responsibility for managing the underwriting for UCA.
Ping Chen - CFO
Ping supervises the financial and accounting operations for all companies of Pacific Pioneer Insurance Group.
Frank Stipati - Vice President &
Director of Branch Operations
Frank as Vice President, is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day affairs of our 6 branch offices.
Barry Colburn - Marketing Director
Barry has been in the insurance industry for over 18 years. His experiences involve all phases of the insurance business. He now oversees the marketing plan for all the Pacific Pioneer Insurance Group companies.
Ed Amador - Manager of Loss Control Inspection
Ed gives training classes to all inspectors and communicates with field inspectors on risks that need immediate attention or action, design inspection Manual and form.
Ernie Montalvan - IT Director
Ernie was instrumental in building the company's information systems department and he has been keeping PPIG on the cutting edge of technology and ensuring that information flows smoothly among all subsidiaries and branches.
  Pacific Pioneer Insurance Group
    Pacific Pioneer Insurance Group ("PPIG") was founded by Lin Lan in 1980 as a retail insurance agency: Unico Insurance Agency ("Unico"), to provide insurance coverage for the increasing population of the fast-growing Chinese immigrant community in the States. Today, Unico is the largest Chinese independent insurance agency, employing numerous Chinese insurance professionals who continue to provide complete insurance services to Chinese communities.

Lin Lan then formed UCA General Insurance Services ("UCA") in 1984 to assist Asian independent insurance agents in placing their business in what was at that time a difficult insurance market. Over time, UCA developed into a program writer well known for its products and services. Lin has established UCA offices in San Diego, Central California (Gilroy), Arizona, Nevada and Washington, and is still able to maintain reliable discipline in underwriting and services - including, but not limited to, quoting, policy issuance, etc.
  Pacific Pioneer Insurance Company
    In 1990 Lin Lan purchased United Assurance Company in Oklahoma and changed its name to Pacific Pioneer Insurance Company of Oklahoma. Later, Lin purchased Enterprise Insurance Company, merged into PPIC of Oklahoma and re-domiciled to California with the new name : Pacific Pioneer Insurance Company (PPIC).

PPIC is licensed in 12 states: California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. PPIC is rated B++ by AM Best & Co.

PPIC quota shares the business produced by UCA General Insurance Services and provides coverage through Internet selling to condominium owners (
  UCA General Insurance Services
    UCA provides Property and Casualty insurance on thirty-three Programs of which, the most well known programs are hotel/motel and restaurant. The vast majority of policies are issued on CPP policy forms, with a few accounts being written on BOP policy forms. Each program is filed with its respective Department of Insurance, completed with separate guidelines, rates and forms. ISO forms are used in combination with manuscript forms and endorsements/exclusions, which were developed by UCA through the years based on experiences, and society trends. Many of our Programs have property enhancement endorsements available.

The property enhancement endorsements come in three different coverage levels, each with their own respective minor additional premium. Program Underwriters are located directly in each of our office locations, which allows our quality of service to be second to none. UCA's strategy is to produce a standard-to-preferred portfolio of commercial business, not to produce commonly qualified as “gray area” surplus lines business. This disciplined objective yielded positive results on a relative basis in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, in the aftermath of 9/11, and through several soft and hard markets.

UCA writes commercial package business throughout the Western states: California, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Business is produced through approximately 327 appointed brokers, approximately 65% of which are comprised of varying ethnicities. Most of these brokerage firms are small- to medium-sized operations that command close, and quite often long-standing, relationships with their Insured client base.
    In January 2009, UCA spun-off its Specialty Division.

Our newly-formed company, Pacific Excess Insurance Marketing, is a Wholesaler/General Agent with its primary focus on Standard, Excess and Surplus Lines and Workers' Compensation business. As the Specialty business unit of UCA, the staff of Pacific Excess have 25 years of history working with UCA brokers, now broadening the brokers customer basis to include many start up operations and one person agencies. Pacific Excess will continue with the same commitment to excellence and service.

Pacific Excess has many standard and non-standard, admitted & non-admitted contracts with various companies. Brokers may rest assured Pacific Excess will work diligently to find a market for any risk application you submit.  

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  Precision Risk Management
    Precision Risk Management (PRM) Claims Department:
A Third Party Claims Administrator and adjusts Commercial Property and Liability claims on policies written through UCA for XL Specialty Insurance Company, XL Insurance Company, Delos Insurance Company (formerly known as Sirius America Insurance Company), and some "long tail" claims for Houston General Insurance Company and Clarendon National Insurance Company. Some Non-Standard Auto claims written through Pacific Pioneer Insurance Company (who’s program is in the process of being phased out) are also still being adjusted by PRM.

PRM has an excellent reputation among insurers and reinsurers for its claims handling.

PRM was formed in 1985 to extend efficient services to the policyholders of UCA business by providing claims handling, inspection and premium installments.

Precision Risk Management (PRM) Loss Control Division:
It is UCA's practice to inspect all risks insured under its programs -- those new to the program as well as those renewing. The Loss Control Manager of PRM is responsible for overseeing more than 15 Field Inspectors at any given time, some of whom have been chosen specifically for their special ethnic language abilities. The Loss Control Manager performs initial training of each Inspector and also conducts periodic refresher-training seminars throughout each year to ensure the continued quality and updated-knowledge of the Inspectors.

Pacific Legal Center:
Pacific Legal Center (PLC) was formed as an in-house legal counsel to handle the defense of Insureds located in the Greater Southern California area relating to claims filed against them concerning Liability losses on which lawsuits have been brought. The staff of PLC fight aggressively and professionally on behalf of Insureds to provide the best defense possible and reach the most desired result for our clients.

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